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Evento: 'Learn Italian - A Door To Italy' Print
Data: Sabato, 27 Aprile, 2013
Durata: Tutto il giorno
Evento Ripetitivo: Ripetere ogni Sabato fino a Dicembre 31, 2013
Info Contatto:

Courses are organized every weekend

Get ready for your holiday in Italy in just a couple of days. Visit Italy
and learn Italian. NCL organizes accelerated Italian courses in Ivrea,
near Turin and Milan, to develop your practical language skills. If
you are entering Italy from Switzerland using the Gran San Bernard
pass or tunnel, consider the possibility of stopping off in Ivrea for a
short Italian language course.
In a couple of days you can learn the fundamentals of Italian – how to
introduce yourself, ask for directions, go shopping, go to the
restaurant, reserve a room – and understand the basics of the
country’s social customs.
It will be a pleasant way to start your holiday in Italy and make your
trip as enjoyable as possible.
Ivrea is a small, friendly city welcoming you at the foot of the
Western Alps. Surrounded by gentle hills and green valleys, the city
and its surroundings are a beautiful corner of Piedmont that holds a
huge variety of naturalistic, historic and culinary attractions.
We will be glad to give you some advice for your free time.

Saturday+Sunday – 10:00am‐4:00pm
Others days & times to be agreed
small group
min 2 / max 8 persons
Italian mother tongue – DITALS certificate
(our teachers can speak English)
Courses are organized every weekend – bookings must be received
by the Friday of the preceding week

For more information contact us at: 0125613060

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